-Main usage:  token grants holder access to DAO group


-Staking.  On Moonbeam, powered by Polkadot

-Seamless connection between parachains and ERC20

The FIRST Staking protocol on Polkadot.

MYFI will be used to grant holders access to the DAO group for crypto discussion.  As a secondary bonus, Moon YFI will be the first staking protocol to go live on the Moonbeam/Polkadot parachain.

When Moonbeam test net launches in Q3 2020, all Moon YFI holders will have their token swap functionality enabled to receive a 1:1 swap of Moonbeam Moon YFI staking tokens.

MoonBeam, Polkadot, and Ethereum. Connected.

Moon YFI contract code allows for seamless data transfer and communication between Ethereum, Polkadot, and Moonbeam protocols.

Polkadot parachains and Moon YFI ERC20 smart contracts will easily be able to send tokens between them.